DuraWeigh® Scales and Gainco Infiniti® Weight Indicators

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A meat or poultry processing plant is no place for lightweights. To survive, you need solid scale construction that can stand up to harsh chemicals and high-temperature, pressure-washing sanitation procedures.  

We're so confident in our superior performance that we offer the DuraWeigh® Challenge:

Put our bench scale in your plant for a 30-day, no-obligation trial. Prove to yourself that this is the toughest, driest scale on the market.* 

Unique Heavy-Duty Bench Scales and IP69k Rated Weight Indicators

… Designed for Meat and Poultry Processing Plants

  • Tired of wimpy bench scales that can’t stand up to heavy use?
  • Tired of having to move bench scales off the processing floor prior to washdowns?
  • Sick of wasting labor, wrapping scales and weight indicators in plastic before washdown?

Some operators have had to resort to “double-boxing” weight indicators (encasing them inside an exterior box made of stainless steel or fiberglass with a gasketed door panel), or having to position the indicator away from the scale unit – high on a wall or pillar, often farther away than manufacturer specs recommend.

You can now forget all of that with the DuraWeigh line of heavy-duty bench scales! They're the meat and poultry industry's toughest scales and most durable weight indicators.

Our scales and indicators are specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of everyday life in the processing plant. Plus, your operators will love the large, easy-to-read display and buttons.


*Details apply.  Call today for complete details and additional information, or to schedule a product demonstration. 


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DuraWeigh Scales

Take the DuraWeigh® challenge!  Put our tough, heavy-duty bench scale in your plant for a 30-day, no-obligation trial!


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