DuraWeigh® Bench Scales

Engineered for Harsh Washdown Environments in Food Processing Facilities

DuraWeigh® heavy-duty bench scales are specially engineered for harsh washdown environments in food processing plants. The robust design of these NTEP-certified bench-top scales solves performance deficiencies such as calibration accuracy, equipment durability and long-life performance.

Consider these great advantages you get with DuraWeigh® heavy-duty table scales:DuraWeigh Heavy Duty Bench Scale

  • Water-resistant construction reduces lifetime ownership costs.
  • Scales remain on the plant floor during washdown procedures without requiring any special handling.
  • Industry-leading Gainco Infiniti® indicator provides easy-view display, oversized buttons and “universal” symbols. The super-resilient polymeric keypad is virtually indestructible.
  • Easy-access wiring and load cells make inspection and service a cinch.

Design Features Make the Difference

Compare our bench scales against the competition, and you’ll find ours should be your first choice. Here are just some of the design features you get with DuraWeigh® bench scales:

  • Welded, open-frame stainless steel construction (7-gauge, 300 series)
  • The weigh platter incorporates a splash guard to prevent product from slipping off the scale. It also aids in better positioning for the most accurate scale reading.
  • Open corners on the scale base for complete drainage and better sanitation
  • Environmentally protected stainless steel load cells with compression overload stops
  • Easy access to all “smart” components

Easy to clean. Easy to maintain.

The design of DuraWeigh® heavy-duty bench-top scales simplifies and improves sanitation and maintenance activities:

  • The weigh platter lifts off for easy cleaning, and requires no tools.
  • Open back and base corners allow for deep cleaning and prevent pooling of water.

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DuraWeigh Scales

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