AccuFill® Standard Bulking Systems

Advanced Hygienic Design, Accuracy and Labor Savings in Single, Dual and Triple Hopper Systems

Weigh-HopperAccuFill® bulkers from Gainco are proven systems, delivering bulk packing applications so effective, most have six-month or shorter payback periods. They're truly a "no brainer" when deciding whether to invest in new bulking equipment.

Whether you choose our single, dual or triple bulker systems at 40 or 70 pounds, you'll find that our bulker capabilities cover the full range of your fresh or frozen meat processing applications – chicken, turkey, pork and beef.

Benefits that Go
Beyond the Ordinary

When you install an AccuFill® bulking system, you get far more than just standard packing functionalities. Consider these great benefits:

  • High return on investment and quick payback period
  • Reduced produce "giveaway"
  • Labor savings – at least one operator per shift for most applications
  • Higher volumes achieved than with manual labor alone
  • Multiple delivery options including specialty boxes and export size containers
  • Small footprint ... low installation cost with "plug and play" capabilities

Design Features That Make the Difference

Compare our bulking systems against the competition ... and you'll find ours should be your first choice. Here are just some of the design features you get with AccuFill® bulkers:

  • All models are designed in conformity with AMI sanitary guidelines.
  • Open-frame construction provides easy access to components, making maintenance and servicing easy. There are fewer replacement parts compared to other bulkers, too.
  • The open-frame design also saves labor during cleanup operations and guards against pooling water and bacteria buildup. One simple keystroke places the system in washdown mode for safe, effective cleaning.
  • Our durable Gainco Infiniti® Plus controller is specially designed to withstand the rigors of meat processing facilities.

Accurate measuring ... Accurate reporting.


AccuFill® bulking systems give you the accuracy you need to precisely measure and manage your processing operation:

  • Our revolutionary Gainco Infiniti® Plus programmable controller delivers the industry's best performance and durability among weight indicators.
  • Reporting tools capture data such as pounds, number of cases and average case weight.
  • Supervisors can stay abreast of production information in real time, as it happens.
  • Production data can be transmitted to any database of ERP system (RF, WiFi, Ethernet connectivity) ... and fully integrates with Gainco's optional DataMan™ data management system.

Bulker Equipment Options

We offer a range of equipment options to ensure you get the very best, most effective bulking system for your plant. Options like:

  • Mobility kits for roll-in/roll-out functionality
  • Product mix options to process two products in a batch
  • Manual bypass for weight-making flexibility
  • Line control kits for stopping/starting infeed conveyors
  • Dimpled stainless steel hoppers to handle tacky/sticky products
  • Trim ledge
  • Diverters
  • Product funnels
  • Stainless steel roller top in place of PVC
  • Flat table in place of PVC roller top
  • Data scale interface for case labeling

Better accuracy. More dependability. Lower costs.

Just think. When you don't have to worry anymore about underperforming bulking systems, you can focus 100% on your own products instead. Plus, you'll end up with better productivity and higher plant profits.

Learn More!

To find out more about this equipment and how it will benefit you, click on the links below, e-mail us, or call 800-467-2828 to speak with one of our processing consultants.


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