Gainco Infiniti® Weight Indicators

Finally … A Product that Stands Up to the Rigors of the Processing EnvironmentGainco-infiniti-plus-indicator

A key problem affecting the performance and product life of weigh indicators in meat, poultry and other food processing plants is moisture.

Simply put, most weighing indicators on the market today have not been designed to withstand the challenges of moisture and water ingress, thereby causing premature and expensive product failures.

Gainco has changed all that! In developing our industry-leading Gainco Infiniti® programmable weight indicator with direct input from meat and poultry plant operators, maintenance staff and plant managers, we’ve engineered a product that thrives in the extremes of food processing environments.

Cold work environments, hot chemical washdowns, high-pressure washing, extreme temperature fluctuations – our weight-based indicators survive and thrive through it all.

From their waterproof construction materials to state-of-the-art sealing technologies, they’re designed for these environments. No longer is there any need for double-boxing, wrapping or bagging indicators in plastic … installing light bulbs or other heat sources to prevent condensation buildup … or having to remove your indicators from the processing floor during washdown procedures.

Design Details Make the Difference

Our weighing indicators incorporate ingenious design details that make them more functional, durable and long-lasting than ordinary weigh indicators:DuraWeigh-Dual-Chamger-web

  • In addition to our standard LED model, our Gainco Infiniti® Plus programmable model uses advanced LCD technology to display a variety of languages and symbols, and allows custom software applications to manage up to 128 input/output variables.
  • Dual-chamber housing features the control electronics inside the front section. Our special two-stage sealing system protects all sensitive components – even during high-pressure chemical washdowns.
  • The housing is made of an engineered polymeric material that is impervious to most chemicals.
  • The keypad has touch-sensitive sensors mounted behind a tough polymeric faceplate, so keys never wear out, puncture or leak. It’s virtually indestructible!
  • Oversized buttons make it easier to make the right selection – even when wearing gloves.
  • “Universal” symbols make it easy to understand the controller’s functions, regardless of language or literacy.
  • A larger, brighter display makes for fast, accurate viewing and reduces eye strain.DuraWeigh-scissor-poke
  • No need for double-boxing our indicators means nothing stands between operators and their work efficiency.

Gainco Infiniti® weight-based indicators are also IP69K-rated for dust and water ingress, and NTEP-certified to National Conference on Weights & Measures requirements.

Washdown Tough

Gainco Infiniti® weighing indicators are IP69K-rated for dust and water ingress, proving that they’re built tough to thrive in food processing environments. They’ve withstood rigorous third-party testing conducted by Underwriters Laboratory covering key protocols, including:DuraWeigh-Wash-Down

  • Hot Water – heated between 167° and 185° Fahrenheit
  • High Pressure – tested from 1,160 to 1,450 psi
  • Point-Blank Range – a rotating fan-spray of hot water projected from a distance of 4 to 6 inches
  • Angle of Attack – high-pressure water sprayed at four angles at all seams and edges of the indicator
  • Dust Test – talcum powder released inside a test chamber along with a vacuum applied to a hole filled in the indicator – resulting in no dust ingress.

More Uptime … Less Maintenance

If you want trouble-free maintenance in a weight-based indicator, Gainco Infiniti® is the clear choice.

  • Safety – no high-voltage parts are exposed, even when the control module is removed or when disconnecting load cells.
  • Accessibility – designed for each access to electronic components to simplify and reduce service time and labor.
  • Two-year limited warranty on our weight indicators plus controller parts.  

Better accuracy. More dependability. Lower costs.

Just think. When you don’t have to worry about malfunctioning weight indicators, you can focus 100% on making your own products instead. Plus, you’ll end up with better productivity and higher plant profits.

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LED Weight Indicator (Model 9700)



LCD Weight Indicator (Model 9704)  


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