Gainco: The Right Answer for Meat Yields, Productivity and Profits

Welcome to Gainco. You’ve come to the right place for equipment, systems and solutions that enhance yields, throughput and company profits in poultry, red meat and seafood processing plants.

Working with our customers and other industry partners, we solve your problems with proven solutions that are innovative as well as value-driven. We’ve been in business since 1984, serving the industry’s leading meat and poultry processing companies. That’s because we’re adept at tackling all types of hard-to-solve processing issues that affect bottom-line performance.

From our corporate headquarters in Gainesville, GA, USA, Gainco supplies systems, equipment and service to chicken, turkey, pork, beef and seafood processing facilities throughout the country and outside the United States. Our product offerings encompass over 25 equipment categories and more than 100 models – a solid line of products that also form the basis for unique system solutions delivering real results and added value.

Today, Gainco is the largest American-based company in our field, which means that no matter what your application, if it involves weighing, sizing, sorting or distributing your product, we can provide a solution that’s fast, accurate and highly cost-efficient.

And with Gainco systems and equipment, you’ll always have access to robust information and statistical information delivered in real-time, as it happens.

Plus, with our strong Blue Ribbon Service division including in-field service vans and 24/7/365 phone access, we’re never far from your facility.

We invite you to explore our website. Then let’s talk and explore the process challenges in your facility. We’ll devise and deliver solutions that will help you drive more profit straight to your bottom line!


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DuraWeigh Scales

Take the DuraWeigh® challenge!  Put our tough, heavy-duty bench scale in your plant for a 30-day, no-obligation trial!


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weltech_international_limited_smGainco teams up with Weltech International to supply live bird weighing systems to U.S. poultry growers.


Important Webinar for Food & Brand Safety


Novel solutions for detecting contaminants and missing items.

Food processors are looking for ways to uncover unwanted product contaminants. Missing items in their final package may lead to rework, which is why food processors are investing in inspection technology for piece-of-mind, efficiency and brand-building.

This webinar, held on Thursday, September 12, 2013, highlighted some of the current challenges with food safety techniques and presented how a novel X-Ray Detection Machine has effectively addressed the needs of one poultry processor.




Anritsu X-ray Inspection Systems


The very latest detection technology delivers exceptional performance.